UI/UX Design Category

GO48 UI/UX Challenge categories

You can participate in two challenges as individual or team.


Test your UI in 48 minutes
based on the brief given
10 minutes before the start of event


Design an UX Experience in 48 hours
based on the brief given
10 minutes before the start of event

UI-Eye (48 Minutes Challenge)

UI Design – You can use any graphic software of your choice and submit your entry as a design file in original format of *.psd, *.cdr, *.ai etc and other formats are unacceptable such as.*.png, *.jpeg, *.jpg etc.( Submit either as a Digital design or a Handmade design with pictures of the stages of the process )

Handmade UI Design – You can use shading pencils, colors, paints, and any other physical tool available with you to create your design on A4 or A3 size sheets only. Explain your idea in 50 words only. Submit the scanned copy in pdf format only.

The solutions could suit different age groups, literacy levels and geographies. Design in such a way that it is clearly noticeable and easily understood.



Format Options : PPT, PDF, Video or HTML.
Formats: for video – MP4 or QT preferred
Resolution 1920×1080
File Size < 250MB (compress with handbrake or any suitable software)
Filename go482020_xd48_<teamname>_<city>_<country>.*

The starting screen would have to use an Animated GO48 logo (clip provided in the folder). An alternate animation is acceptable if you desire to animate it another way
Each Team/ Individual Participant would have to submit 2-5 pictures/ selfies of them working on the project and send them as part of the submission. Make them fun. We would be happy to share the best pics received on the website.
Share the name of your team, and each team member name and their roles in a text file.

Please Note

The Winner of all 48 hour events (give a name to your team) would be awarded a WINNERS certificate (do mention the entire team name and contributions at the end of the video as credits). Participation Certificates would be given to all Participants who submit in time.

All work becomes the property of the GO48 organizers and associates. The problem statements are real and designed by the industry. So just in case, any Video (irrespective of it’s rank/ standing) is found to appeal to the problem statement providers, the same shall be used during the launch of the next GO48! and a separate certificate of appreciation issued to them.

Do not put your name or any identification in front of the artwork.

Time Specifications

Participants to adhere to the timeline for submissions.
GO48 minutes : Design to be completed and submitted in 48 minutes.
GO48 hours : Design to be completed and submitted in 48 hours i.e. 2 days.

Submission Specifications

You need to submit the solution as a set of pages with a design software file with stages of brainstorming, idea, iterations and final design.

In addition, you must include a write-up of around 100 words explaining the final solution as well as the design process followed.

You can submit for more than one category for this challenge (Go48-Graphix).

We encourage you to also upload the same on your instagram, facebook, linkedin, youtube (in case of videos), pinterest and other handles and tag us as well as tag your college and mentor (if any). We would happily add one mark for this in case of a tie.
Youtube channel at https://bit.ly/2KL8rk1
Instagram at https://bit.ly/39ghkvW
Facebook at https://bit.ly/3fBTf43
Linkedin https://bit.ly/367cxLu

The best works shall be uploaded later by the organizers on the above instagram, facebook, linkedin, youtube, pinterest handles and tagged back (in case it was tagged by you).

Who can participate?

Go48 Challenge is open to all, students, graduates, and young designers from around the world. You may work as individuals or work as collaborative groups. You are encouraged to follow a design process in solving the problem, as well as seek guidance from faculty members and professionals.

To all students, fresh graduates, and young designers, registration will help us connect with you with regard to sending you updates about GO48 challenge and also so that you can clarify your doubts if any and to guide you at different stages of the challenge.

To faculty members/design mentors, we request that you inform, motivate and guide your students to participate and give their best of their abilities.

Accordingly, we also urge the entire design fraternity such as faculty members, professionals, students, fresh graduates, and young designers to go ahead and register so that you get updates and acknowledgements.

Let us build connections and form the creative networks for future endeavors.

Registration Guidelines

Go48 Challenge is an online competition. It is open to participants from around the world.

  1. Fill the Online Registration Form Read all details and Register at https://tinyurl.com/GO482023
  2. Select one or more Competition Category
    • Go48 Graphix – Graphics Design
    • Go48 Anim8 – Animation
    • Go48 Live – Film Making
    • Go48 GamIT – Game Design
    • Go48 UI/UX – App Design
  3. Register as individual or group participants ( maximum # 5 )
  4. Understand the Brief, Theme, Instructions & the deadlines of either 48 minutes or 48 hours
  5. Participate with passion, sincerity and follow the design process.
  6. Submit your entry before or on the deadline.

Awards & Recognition

The winning entries will be felicitated as below:

  1. Each of the winning participants will be given the certificate of winning the ‘International Go-48 Challenge Merit Award’ along with a digital trophy for ‘Winning Entry’.
  2. The best global entry will also receive a copy of the digital publication and Amazon Shopping Coupon worth Rs 500/- (the coupon amount and sponsors will vary for different countries).
  3. Each of the winning Individuals and teams for all design categories will be published in international platforms: (a) published online, (b) recognised by ASIFA and (c) displayed as winners on Associating Partners websites giving full credits to you, your team and your institution.
  4. The winning entries will also be made available for the world to look at the creative talent you possess. We will promote your work through the online global media publications.

All participating entries will be facilitated :

All participants will be awarded Participation Certificates & entitled to free updates and subscription to the series of webinars, workshops and scholarships offers throughout the year. These workshops and the webinar will be conducted by design experts from industry as well as academia from the world’s renowned art & design fraternity.

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