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GO48 International Design Challenge is an exciting challenge, currently in its 10th Year & was initiated in 2012. The format has exciting competitions in Graphics, Animation, Film Making, Gaming & UI/UX and Product Design to be finished in 48 minutes or 48 hours.

GO48 International Design Challenge is launched on International Animation Day every year. By staying true to the spirit and upholding one of its motto of blending art and technology, making available invaluable knowledge and information, GO48 Challenge celebrates the creative skills of the global community.

GO48 International Design Challenge comprises of students, artists, designers, faculty, professionals and industry experts. The contest would have many Exciting Competitions, each comprising of 2 Challenges, all bound by the common thread 48. That means, you submit your art/design solution, either in 48 minutes or 48 hours.

* Participant can choose to take up the challenge to participate in more than one of the GO48 Challenges.

Stuart Sumida (PIXAR) bats for
GO48 International Challenge
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Showcase your creative talent!!

Embrace an incredible opportunity to showcase your creative talent on a global stage. Our competition opens doors to a world of creativity and innovation, where your talent can shine. By participating, you’ll not only gain recognition but also the chance to win valuable prizes that can propel your creative career. Connect with like-minded artists from diverse backgrounds, learn from industry experts, and push the boundaries of your creativity. Join us in leaving a lasting mark on the world of design & creativity, where your unique perspective is celebrated.

The Award Ceremony

The winning entries will be announced and showcased every year after the conclsion of jury, at a special awards ceremony. Artists that have been shortlisted to win will be notified early so they can arrange to attend the award ceremony hosted annually at Chandigarh.

Categories for Participation

Challenge Category - Graphics

Challenges under category- GRAPHIX
– LoGO48(48 Mins.)
– MotionX(48 Hours)

Challenge Category - UiUx - UI-Eye and XD48

Challenges under category- UIUX
– UI-Eye (48 Mins.)
– XD48 (48 Hours)

Challenge Category - Animate - 3D S8 and Anim8

Challenges under category- ANIMATE
– 3DS8(48 Mins.)
– Anim8 (48 Hours)

Challenge Category - LIVE - PhotoGRAPHy and Live!

Challenges under category- LIVE
– PhotoGRAPHy (48 Mins.)
– Live! (48 Hours)

Challenge Category - GAMEIT- CharACTer and GameIT

Challenges under category- GAMEIT
– CharACTer (48 Mins.)
– GameIT (48 Hours)

Challenge Category - PRODUCT DESIGN- MapDBrain and Innov8

Challenges under category- PRODUCT DESIGN
– MapDBrain (48 Mins.)
– Innov8 (48 Hours)

Competition Brief

  • Go48 Challenge is open to all, students, graduates, and young designers from around the world. You may work as individuals or work as collaborative groups. You are encouraged to follow a design process in solving the problem, as well as seek guidance from faculty members and professionals.
  • Go48 Challenge is an online competition. It is open to all participants from around the world.
  • You need to fill the Online Registration Form
  • You can select one or more Competition Category during registration.
  • The competition will be have many challenges and the theme for each challenge will be provided on the eve of the challenge.
  • The theme and the rules will be explained in 10 minutes before the start of challenge.
  • Submit your entry for your challenge before the deadline.

Global Presence

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