GO48 Challenge is an international competition that celebrates the creative skills of the global community comprising students, artists, designers, faculty, professionals and industry experts. 

The contest would have 5 Exciting Competitions, each comprising of 2 Challenges, all bound by the common thread 48.

That means, you submit your art/design solution, either in 48 minutes or 48 hours.

To this effect, you can work on design solutions in the following 10 Challenges

Go48 Graphix  :   Visual Communication Design           :   LoGO48 and MotionX.

Go48 Anim8     :   2d & 3d Animation                               :   3D As8 and Anim8.

Go48 Live          :   Filmmaking                                            :   Photography and Live!

Go48 GameIT  :   Game Design                                          :   CharACTer and Game IT.

Go48 UI/UX      :   User Interaction / User Experience Design  :   UI Eye and XD48.

Participant can choose to take up the challenge to participate in more than one of the GO48 Challenges.

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